So here is the thing.
I don’t believe that we can engineer an emotional, venerable, and courageous process into an easy, one-size- fits- all formula.
In fact, I think attempting to sell people an easy fix for pain and healing is the worst kind of snake oil. At Lyfe Nutrition, I doesn’t offer a solution or a simple recipe, but I offer step by- step guidance. We map out, together, and orient you to your most significant patterns, hangups and downfalls. ChangeYourLYFENutritionCounselingGroup
In my education, experience with others and in my own experience, I’ve seen the process of transformation take place in as little as 6months or as much as 10 years. Ive seen people get stuck, set up camp, and stay in one place for a decade. While the process does follow various patterns and similar outline, it presents no absolute formula or strict approach.
This is why you will not find a set- outlined “program” or a course being offered.
I believe we all have very similar but different wounds, triggers and details that make up the person that we currently are, the person that we constantly struggle with and the person we were meant to be. It’s a back- and- fourth action, an intuitive and interactive process that takes different shapes for different people. There isn’t always a relationship with effort and outcome. But we can’t gage our success on physical outcome alone. It cant be perfected- but it will always grow in progress.
“Grace will take you places that hustling cant.” The contribution I can bring into your life is helping you find your inner voice, helping you overcome the lies that you constantly allow yourself to believe and help get you to the point of Living YOUR FULL EXPERIENCE. .
I don’t “heal” anyone- but I do help people come to a place where one can receive the “healing” that you so desperately crave- the one that already lives inside of you- put there by the one who created you.
This process becomes the practice- and the practice makes a transformed life.

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