I’m Sick of Having to Choose Between Being Stuck where I am or Going on another Diet
It feels like I’m destined to carry these extra pounds forever.
I feel like I’ve tried everything – and yet, it seems like there’s no solution.
Sure I’ve lost weight before, but the scale keeps creeping back up.
I saw significant results on that diet everyone’s talking about, but I couldn’t stick to it.
I felt run down, my cravings were through the roof, and I missed some of my favorite foods.
So now my jeans are tighter than they should be.   I’m not comfortable even in my own skin.
I’m drawing a line… there’s no way I’m going to buy more clothes.
I feel stuck.   What I did before was really hard – but I start to wonder again “maybe it was worth it?” and I start to try to block out the reasons why it didn’t work before.
After all, what other options are there?   That’s the only thing I felt ever worked.
And then you blame yourself.  
Maybe if you had more willpower, more self control, you could have ignored all those cravings and they would have gone away…
No pain no gain, right?   Maybe if you sucked up the weeks of low energy, it’d come back…
But what if there IS another way?
What if YOU didn’t fail, but instead that diet failed you?
I’m here to tell you that IS the case.
You brought your A-game. You followed the map and got as far as you could.
But here’s the thing – that map rarely gets people all the way there.
Hitting a wall where you just couldn’t stick to the plan anymore – that’s the normal response.
That’s how MOST people respond.
You’re not defective.
You’re not weak.
And you’re not destined for failure.
And your NOT alone.
You JUST need a different map.
Losing weight and keeping it off are two completely different things.
Often the best strategies for losing weight quickly can make keeping it off harder in the long term.
By restricting your favorite foods, you want them even more.
So you follow the meal plan and avoid the “forbidden” foods , lose 5 lbs and then HOLY SMOKES, now you want to eat everything you have denied yourself. So you overeat or binge.
Then oops – the 5 lbs gone is now 6 lbs gained.
But hey, you lost 5 lbs – so that’s good right?
It’s a great accomplishment for you – but clearly you didn’t want to lose 5 lbs just to gain 6 in the end!
It’s time to try something different.
It’s time try something that is focused on the LONG term, not the short term.
Not losing 10 lbs in 10 days and gaining it back.
Instead, losing 10 lbs at a pace that is right for you… and then keeping it off.
Here’s what’s going to make this time different:

  • Having a strategy that is customized to you.When you buy a diet book, you’re getting a generic plan sold to thousands or millions of people.   But a strategy designed uniquely for you is more likely to get results.
  • Long term focus with short term wins. You want to see the scale go down, but if it goes down too fast, you know you’re going to be more likely to rebound. So instead, we’ll go at the right pace so you can keep off what you lose.
  • Guidance and Support. It’s not going to be you and your diet book alone anymore. You’re going to harness one of the most helpful tools for success there is – another person who is looking out for you- personal accountability.
  • Getting a fresh perspective on your goals and what you’re doing to reach them – there could be a few simple fixes that are glaringly obvious to someone other than yourself.   Self-analysis is tough (Even I have a strength coach!)
  • No more guesswork – having someone help guide you can give you clarity and focus so you’re not worried whether the thing you’re doing will work. (This will require trust.)
  • Sometimes it’s tough for you to invest time and energy into yourself – you feel like you’re being selfish when you do something for yourself rather than your loved ones.   Sometimes we all need someone to give us permission to take care of ourselves .

Unique Benefits of MY Programs

  • Fully Customized – I don’t believe in one-sized-fits-all programs. I will to get to know you and your story – and we will strategize together.
  • Suitable for All Levels – I have some clients who are already athletic and advanced with nutrition – and I have some clients who barely ate vegetables before they met me.   Because I fully customize the entire program strategy, I’m able to meet you where you are at rather than forcing you to follow “A generic program”
  • Collaborative Coaching – I’m an expert on lifestyle and nutrition.   You’re an expert on being you.   Both sets of expertise are important – it’s my job to work with you so we can figure out what the right next step is. I don’t believe in telling you what to do and you having no say – I’m your life coach, not your dictator.
  • No-Nonsense – I do my best to remain scientifically accurate and up-to-date, as well as keep things simple for you as my client.   You won’t hear me recommending silly fad diets, supplement shakes or gimmicks – likewise, I won’t talk your head off for 10 minutes about the ATP regeneration cycle during anaerobic exercise.
  • Comprehensive –I am able to help you from a variety of angles so you just need one coach rather than two or three.  I am able to help with creating healthy habits, nutrition strategy and how it plays a roll in what has brought you to this part of your story.

Here Are Some Things That AREN’T a Part of My Programs

  • A “one size fits all” approach– you’re not paying for me to give you an overpriced already written diet or workout program – you’re paying for a customized Life/ Nutrition coaching relationship.
  • Strict rules that don’t fit for YOUR life (see also: “one size fits all”)
  • Mandatory “point” tracking, calorie counting, and calculation of macronutrients.   Some clients do well with that stuff – and for many others, that just isn’t compatible.
  • Elimination of food groups. I’m not going to have you eat like a caveman or boycott animal foods.   And yes, ice cream is a food group and I wouldn’t dream of taking that away from you (or me)!
  • Eating 6 meals per day – hey, maybe you’re the 1 out of 100 people that actually likes nibbling all day. I’m willing to bet though you’d actually prefer to get satisfied from your meals and not carry Tupperware with you everywhere.
  • Endless exercise – not getting ready to be spray tanned and standing on stage in a bikini in 3 weeks? Then you don’t need to do 10 hours a week of cardio.   Let’s get results AND still have a life outside the gym.
  • Processed diet foods or overpriced and gimmicky diet drinks. You don’t need to buy bland frozen meals and I don’t sell any supplements – let alone ones that end in “alife”, “genix”, or “ology”.

The 2 Main Pillars of my 1-on-1 Nutrition Coaching
There’s a lot of clichés that get thrown around about nutrition, like “results are 70 percent nutrition and 30 percent exercise”.   But what we can say for sure is that diet alone is more effective for a healthy life than exercise alone. And from that, we know that for fat loss, nutrition is the most important piece – especially for short term results.
My nutrition approach is about meeting you where you are, learning what strategies have worked and haven’t worked, and working together to make the appropriate nutrition changes one step at a time from there.
I give this its own section because it’s THAT important – and is often neglected.
Often when you hire a coach, you get information – but not the level of support that you truly need to in order to make those changes.   Telling you what changes to make isn’t coaching you, helping you make changes is.
I know it’s useless to tell you WHAT to do if you’re not sure HOW you’ll do it and don’t feel supported.   So our collaborative coaching relationship is the key to making progress happen – it’s what bridges the gap between health, nutrition, and YOU.
To decide if that this is your next step, I invite you to schedule a free initial consultation.  During this session, we will discuss your health and journey up until now to determine if L.Y.F.E Nutrition is the best next step for your life.
Contact me to schedule your free initial consultation.

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