The reality of this life is that there is no quick fix, no singular, easy solution for anything.

  • We grow in crazy, divine spirals of forward and backward motion. As long as we keep making an effort, we gain traction.
  • It’s just a fact that the one element that ensures your success more than any other thing is practice.
  • If you truly want to succeed, you simply keep trying.
  • I am here for you to get the powerful support you need to stay focused, and continue the bold journey of living life as your healthiest, highest and most empowered self!

 Coaching Programs:


Month to Month Nutrition

The Gist:
A month of accountability and personal refinement so your food fits your lifestyle. This package is strictly food- and nutrition-focused. For full diet and lifestyle transformation or to address emotional eating issues, the 6-month Immersion Encounter is recommended.  


*6 Month Immersion*

 The Gist:

Why 6 months? Change is a process and we don’t want to shortchange your transformation. Scientific studies show that 6 months is the optimal length of time for true and sustainable lifestyle change. My commitment to your results is paramount and I will be unrelenting in the pursuit of your optimal health. This is powerful work that needs to be done in a frame that’s long enough to produce sustainable new habits and maximum integration.


Krystals Signature: L.Y.F.E. TRANSFORMATION Program

 The Gist:

Complete, powerful, boundless transformation for a full year of your life. You’ll emerge with powerful new tools and the ability to live our the rest of your life with your new found confidence. You’ll experience a new freedom around food, eating, social settings and feel the transformational joy of being fully at home in your lighter body and in your life.

FINALLY end the war with food and body?

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