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So here is the deal, Sunbeam

I’m not like other weight loss professionals, where the focus is external, meaning the scale determines your progress, you’re following a rigid meal plan or “diet,” and calories are the end-all, be-all.
We work on the inner stuff that’s blocking you first, so the outer changes truly last. Inner change for outer change.

When you’re ready to look closely at all the factors holding you back from achieving and maintaining peace with food, body, business, relationships, and lifestyle. You’ve tried it all. You’ve tasted it all (or so you think). And you’re finally, resoundingly ready for REAL change. If you want to change your life in a fundamental and sustainable way, this is for you.

I do an hour interview with each interested applicant, this is the time where you hear about, learn about me as I talk more about what I do and how I approach transformation. Then you ask me, drill me and just get a feel for if you want to move forward with me. Then we talk through if we are a right “fit”.

Truth is, we need to see if there is a divine chemestry between us, because you are about to let me into the depths of your life for REAL and TOTAL transformation.

Our work together will surprise us both with results we haven’t even imagined yet. Our work together will be through processing, accessing and building with counseling, homework assignments and allowing God to take reign. Our work together creates a solid foundation for a lighter body and life.


Imagine you, feeling your best. Glowing from within. A new lightness of heart, confidence and being.


Personal Health Coaching is available in 3 thoughtfully designed experiences.

Each designed to meet you exactly where you’re ready.

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