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Living. (stop existing) Your. Full (confidence and purpose) Experience (the only life you’ve got)

Who It’s Great For: (By invitation after interview process) 

You, if your tired of just existing, going around and around that same revolving door, thinking those same stinkin thoughts!
You, if you’re ready to wholly, no-holds-barred embrace a full year to mental, lifestyle and habit transformation, via the threshold of your relationship with God, food and YOURSELF. An experience of digging in, filling up, and freeing YOUR unique beauty.
Also: challenging yourself.
Your year of transformation is the greatest investment: together we’ll clear clutter, we’ll do the emotional work, we’ll swap out lies for the truth that light you up! We will build the strong, confident, healthy woman you long to exude! By embracing your journey as your authentic self, finding your voice and finally being about to nourish your body and unveil the beauty that is yours to own.

What’s On The Table:
You. Your life. Your eating habits. Your emotional world. Your relationships. Your memories. Your future. Together, we will allow insights to flow from all four corners of your life and beyond, all to support true transformation. Sometimes challenging, our process supports you in bravely claiming what you want, what you need, and what you’re ready for when it comes to finding your freedom over food addiction and negative body image. Your year of transformation helps you foster the inner grace to keep promises to yourself, to find your “want to” in becoming your best you. You’ll establish a life of optimal health with a healthy mindset of desire to feed your body out of love, move your body out of joy and allow the broken soul to heal and find the freedom is so badly craves.
What’s Included:

  • 24x 60 minute bi-weekly sessions by phone or Skype
  • Complete Kitchen Makeover: we’ll switch out processed foods for whole foods, clean, organize, and set up your kitchen for success
  • Personal grocery store shopping trip
  • In-home cooking/ food prep demo (dinner together)
  • Powerful bite-sized ideas customized to your unique context each session
  • Personalized techniques to eradicate food addictions and address emotional eating
  • Homework, journaling, challenges, goal setting
  • Email support between sessions
  • Recipes and resources that are simple and highly individualized to your lifestyle
  • Lifestyle suggestions that will have you feeling peaceful, confident, and empowered
  • Books, gifts, handouts (varies for each client according to themes and ideas discussed)
  • My complete support and unwavering commitment to your success
  • 1-2 Personal Immersions (I fly to your city and we spend an intense 3 days delving into your real, everyday life)
  • Much more depending upon your journey (each LYFE Transformation looks different in the way of need)

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