Just A Quickie

Who It’s Great For:
This is perfect for you if you’re ready to dip your toe in the waters of Health Coaching, or if you’re looking for a few good resources around one issue, or to get a couple of very specific interrelated questions answered.
What’s On The Table:
What is a gluten-free diet? Which natural supplements do I really need to be taking? How do you turn down your mother-in-laws’ prize-winning dessert at the next family gathering (because you choose to)? These are all great questions for The Quickie. Like a wheatgrass shot, it’s a quick infusion of clarity to send you in a very specific direction. No navel-gazing, just guidance and information.
What’s Included:
1.5 hrs of my love and expertise by phone or Skype audio, or in my office (local to Rockford,IL)straight up, no chaser.

  • Q&A-style
  • My take on up to one to three interrelated questions.

Let’s Start our Conversation

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