Frequently Asked Questions

It’s okay to ask questions. Here are some responses to the questions I most often hear from people who are figuring out if health coaching is right for them.

I’m a little scared to tell my family and friends...
Q: I’m a little scared to tell my family and friends, oh, I contacted this woman on the internet and paid her money so she can help me lose weight. I know I’m ready for this, but I’m also a little worried about what people will think.

A: I understand how jumping in financially with someone you have never met in person can be scary. And weird to tell other people. I am confident that you will find the process way more comfortable once we get started and you are feeling so much better and eating better. One cool thing about the internet is that it allows millions of people (I’m one of them) throughout the world to have more flexibility in where and how they work, and who they get to work with, because they can work from their laptop at home or a coffee shop. It’s a business model that’s getting more popular every day and you might be surprised how many people do it all the time.

I’m not sure I need exactly the structure you’re offering...
Q: I’ve checked out your packages, policies, and procedures, and I’m not sure I need exactly the structure you’re offering. I want more than a quick fix but six months seems like a big jump. Could I try three months? Would you be willing to work out a package especially for me?

A: It is always worth asking because the answer will depend on your unique situation. But I have carefully structured the packages for your success. For example, I don’t offer a three month package, because six months is the scientifically proven time frame for the most sustainable, lasting, long term change. Over and over I see the six month time frame work powerfully for clients. Some people may feel themselves dip or backslide at the three month mark, and then go on to make the really big progress in the last three months because of staying committed the full time. So the time frame is an important piece of the framework and my commitment to your success. I just want to be really clear on what it takes to deliver the results I promise you and the timeframe is an important piece.

I’m in a different timezone...
Q: I’m in a different timezone (or on a different continent) than you are. Will that be a problem?
A: Nope, not a problem at all. We’ll work it out and find a regular time that’s mutually agreeable. If you’re outside of the continental U.S., Skype is easy and it’s our best bet for free calls from computer-to-computer. And if you’d rather use your phone, international calling charges will apply.

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