Month to Month Nutrition

Who It’s Great For:
You — when you’re ready to change your diet, ready to look at a food plan to fit your life. For the highly motivated person who wants to quickly but effectively implement new dietary thinking and habits. You are curious about how to eat and what to eat and need a kick start. Or you’re starting a new diet on doctor’s orders and feeling overwhelmed. Perhaps you want to eat healthier and need a jumping off point, are confused by which supplements to take, or you want to try out having an actual nutrition plan (not to be confused with “diet plan”).

What’s On The Table:
Any food plan that you want accountability around. Customized or something you already have a plan for.
What’s Included:

  • 4x 30 minutes of focused attention by phone or Skype, weekly for 4 weeks.
  • Understanding the power of Choice
  • Setting Boundaries not Restriction
  • Counting Nutrients not Calories
  • Additional recipes, food, and lifestyle resources (varies for each client according to themes and ideas discussed)

Cost: $399

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