It’s time to escape the vicious diet cycle & live your best L.Y.F.E.

Have you struggled to eat healthy and lose the weight you want?
Perhaps you’ve encountered many of these issues:

Are you “All or Nothing” when it comes to healthy living?

Do you find yourself in a vicious cycle of being “Good or Bad” when it comes to health? Learn tools of intuitive and mindful eating so you can finally find the desire for sustainable balanced health. 


Do you feel like you are DESTINED to carry weight and health issues forever?

You don’t need to quit, there is hope. With our individual private program TRUE health and Vitality is yours for the taking. 


Are you sick of Dieting?

Of course you are!! Because it has YET to work long term. At LYFE, we teach you true holistic nutrition and how to be healthy without a diet or a meal plan.


Do you feel its impossible to actually be at peace with food and your body?

Learn to overcome emotional eating, binge eating and mindless eating. Allowing your body to come to it’s natural healthy body weight- set- point, right for your design.


Are you confused when it comes to health and nutrition?

Learn about food for what it is and what it is not, we keep nutrition education simple to make sustainable lifelong changes.


Are you overwhelmed by the changes you want to make in your health?

We start where you are, right now, today and make weekly progressive changes to get you to your best health.


I can help you get on the right track.
Understanding the way through it all, is what I do best.
It’s not difficult to work with me, here’s how I can help. 

From Sarah C

“Thanks to Krystal, I have learned that progress is not linear and that I can love my body unconditionally and look at everything as a learning opportunity. She helped me find my value and worth. For the first time I know what freedom with food and body feels like.”

Erin C

“The self reflection I was empowered to do was life changing. The 6 months I worked with Krystal was more personal growth than I could have even begun to see on my own in years. The tools I took with me will stay with me.”

From Denise R

“Know this – working with Krystal is one of the best things I’ve ever done. Without Krystal, I would still be stuck in the vicious cycle of dieting and disordered eating and exercise. ”

“Even more than my education…
I know you, because I was you.
Your struggle was mine too.”

Every weight loss transformation story, has a story.

Here is a glimpse of mine.

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