About the Discovery Call:

The discovery call is a 50 minute no obligation session to figure out where you are in your journey + a time to find out for you and me, if we will be a good fit working together.

We currently have three programs that we offer based on where you are in your journey.

1 on 1 Progressive Nutrition Program (1-3 month progressive program)

We examine your lifestyle, eating habits and goals and set you up with a plan to make you successful.

Who It’s Great For:
You — when you’re ready to change nutrition in a simple progressive way. 

Nutrition and Emotional Eating LYFE Groups (8 Week Program)

This is an 8 week group offered multiple times yearly in a group with other women. – Limited openings.

Who It’s Great For:
You — If you need support and tools to bring about change but thrive with support from others along your journey.

1 on 1 Progressive LYFE Transformation (6 month program)

We allow your whole life — work, love, money, family, creativity, sexuality — to give us access to what you’re ready to learn about your relationship with food. Nothing is turned away. The 6-Month Immersion Encounter affords you complete lifestyle and habit transformation

Who It’s Great For:
You, when you’re ready to look closely at all the factors holding you back from achieving and maintaining peace with food and your body. And you’re finally, resoundingly ready for real change. If you want to change your life in a fundamental and sustainable way, this is the program for you.


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