Hi, it’s me Krystal! 

I am a licensed holistic nutritionist and food therapist. 

I often say, I didn’t choose this work. It chose me.

“The short story”

From the time I was a little girl I learned how to beat myself up to find daily motivation.

I knew what to do diet wise, but why couldn’t I seem to do it?!

I had a deep ambition.

I mean, I started with that ambition EVERY Monday for as long as I could remember- only to find myself back in the place of “starting over again.”

Crying out to God claiming that I just needed MORE self discipline- more self control.

Begging God to free me from this cycle, this shame, this sheer obsessive inner Hell I was in.

As a young teenager and into a young woman I didn’t know how to deal with my shame, with my guilt, my sadness, my aloneness, with my broken bleeding heart. I didn’t know how to address my feelings of worth and beauty- nor did I even think they existed. I didn’t know how to address my pain or even begin to know the truth. So as time went on- I started handing it all over to the drive through window. But I was always sure to hide any evidence that I had a problem, meanwhile hiding my pain and insecurity behind a sense of humor and a fake confidence.

I was never addicted to recreational drugs or alcohol- but food had almost a power over me.

Because it was fun and exciting.

Because it never told me no or refused to spend time with me.

Because it would make me feel a little better, or at least for a bit.

Feeling more shame and more guilt, tasting the false victory of being “skinny” for just a short bit of time. I would soon find myself back to the size, weight and shame I had started with.

After losing 100lbs 3 different times (let alone all the lbs. in between).

I finally found myself sick with an accumulated SEVEN autoimmune diseases, exhausted, depressed and hopeless.

Doctors telling me “You just need to lose weight” and “well, this is your new normal” left me alone and ashamed- leading me to suicidal attempts.

As I started to dig into holistic HEALING (not dieting), I soon felt an empowerment that I could turn my life around and maybe, just maybe. CHANGE it!

Here I am today after a lifetime of trial and error. Years of study and education. Faith and guidance from God. Now almost 10 years of working with women all over the continent to do the same.

As I often say, “My work was built from my pain to my purpose.”

What good is a long life if you’re simply existing?

LIVE L.Y.F.E. (Living Your Full Experience)



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